Industrial Ultrasonics designs and builds nests for use on all brands of laser welding equipment. The nest is used to locate and support the part as it is pressed up against the glass in the “clamping” fixture.

Laser welding is suitable for large parts and parts where the vibrations created by ultrasonic welding would damage fragile parts (or part components).

Industrial Ultrasonics has the ability to design and build nests and fixtures for new applications, replicate or improve the tooling design of existing applications, and refurbish existing tooling back to OEM specifications.

Available Nest Materials: - Aluminum
- Titanium
- Stainless Steel
- Hardened Powdered Steel (superior to tool steels)
- Hardened Tool Steel
- Urethane
- Delrin, UHMW, HDPE, and other specialty plastics
Nest Design Options: - Simple flat nests w/ part locators
- 2D (per part, part prints, or part files)
- 3D (per prints, per part files or trace milled per part)
- Urethane nests cast per part

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