Industrial Ultrasonics designs and builds both custom and standard ultrasonic welding horns for use on all brands of ultrasonic welders including: Branson, Dukane, Herrmann, Mecasonic, Rinco, Sonics & Materials, Sonobond, and Stapla.

Industrial Ultrasonics has the ability to design and build tooling for new applications, replicate or improve the tooling design of existing applications, and refurbish existing tooling back to OEM specifications.

Typical Applications:

- Welding
- Inserting
- Staking
- Spot Welding

- Textile Cut & Seal
- Tube Sealing
- De-gating

Available Frequencies:

- 15.0 kHz
- 20.0 kHz
- 26.5 kHz

- 30.0 kHz
- 35.0 kHz
- 40.0 kHz

Available Materials:

- Aerospace Grade Aluminum
- Aerospace Grade Titanium
- Hardened Powdered Steel (superior to tool steels)
- Hardened Tool Steel

Note: If you need assistance deciding upon which material to use for your ultrasonic horn(s), please call Industrial Ultrasonics. We will review your application and recommend the proper horn material based upon the requirements of your particular application.

Horn Design Options: - Half Wave (standard)
- Full Wave (for extended reach)
- One and One Half Wave (for maximum reach)
- Assembled Horns (back driver with multiple front drivers)
Face Design Options: - Flat faced
- 2D (per part, part prints, or part files)
- 3D (per part files, per part prints, or trace milled per part)
- Custom knurls, spot weld details, and staking details
Ultrasonic Horn Styles:

Rectangular and Square Horns

- Bar / Blade (No slots or slots only in the “L” dimension)
- Block (Slots in both the “L” and “W” dimensions)
- Round Back Stock with Rectangular Face


Round Horns

- Circular Solid
- Circular Slotted
- Circular High Gain (for maximum amplitude)
- Circular Hollow
- Catenoidal (optional: tapped for replaceable tips)
- Exponential (optional: tapped for replaceable tips)


Assembled Horns

Assembled horns consist of a back driver with multiple front drivers. This style of horn can be used in applications that require extra part clearance, increased amplitude for large parts, welding on different planes, or spanning large distances between weld locations.

Horn Coatings:

Industrial Ultrasonics offers many different coating options that will increase the performance of your ultrasonic horns.

Horn coatings are available for the following purposes:

- Increase the wear resistance of the face of the horn
- Prevent part marking
- Eliminate residue on light colored parts
- Prevent oxidation of aluminum horns
- Prevent rusting of steel horns

A partial list of available coatings includes:

- Chrome Plating (aluminum horns only)
- Anodize (aluminum horns only)
- TiN (titanium and steel horns only)
- Carbide Spray

Horn Repair Services:

Industrial Ultrasonics can help reduce your company’s costs by refurbishing your existing ultrasonic welding horn. No matter who manufactured your ultrasonic tooling, Industrial Ultrasonics will re-face and re-tune it back to OEM specifications for a fraction of the cost of new tooling.

Automated Assembly: Industrial Ultrasonics offers automated assembly systems through partnering automation houses.

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