Industrial Ultrasonics designs and builds custom ultrasonic fixtures for use with all brands of ultrasonic welders including: Branson, Dukane, Herrmann, Mecasonic, Rinco, Sonics & Materials, Sonobond, and Stapla.

Industrial Ultrasonics acknowledges the fact that many customers like to build their own fixtures. We will gladly design and build ultrasonic horns for use with your company’s properly designed and built fixtures. However, because of the sensitive nature of ultrasonic welding, we recommend that you purchase both your horns and fixtures from us as a matched set to ensure the highest quality results possible (especially for difficult applications).

Available Nest Materials: - Aluminum
- Titanium
- Stainless Steel
- Hardened Powdered Steel (superior to tool steels)
- Hardened Tool Steel
- Urethane
- Delrin, UHMW, HDPE, and other specialty plastics

Note: Not all available nest materials are suitable for use with every ultrasonic application. Industrial Ultrasonics will review your part design, the material composition of your part, and your application’s requirements in order to recommend the best material for your ultrasonic nest.

Nest Design Options: - Simple flat nests w/ part locators
- 2D (per part, part prints, or part files)
- 3D (per prints, per part files or trace milled per part)
- Urethane nest cast per part


Functional Options: - Clamps (manual or pneumatic)
- Shuttle systems (manual or pneumatic)
- Part Ejects (manual or pneumatic)
- Automated assembly systems – Industrial Ultrasonics offers automated assembly systems through partnering automation houses.


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