Ultrasonic Welders: Industrial Ultrasonics has a limited number of pre-owned, late model ultrasonic welders for sale. All of the welders available through us are in good condition, have been thoroughly tested, and are ready to go. We strive to offer welders that are in “like new” condition. Industrial Ultrasonics only sells high quality used welders that are guaranteed to operate properly upon delivery.

Buyers: Looking for a good used ultrasonic welder? For a list and pictures of our current inventory, please send us an email.

Sellers: Have a late model ultrasonic welder to sell? We will buy your ultrasonic welder or sell it on consignment. Please email us multiple pictures of your welder along with a thorough description of the equipment (make, model, frequency, watts, accessories, etc). Please limit submissions to late model welders that are in good condition – we are not interested in older welders or welders in poor condition.

Rebuilt Converters: Industrial Ultrasonics will rebuild ultrasonic converters for most brands of ultrasonic welders including: Branson, Dukane, and Herrmann. The converters are rebuilt by replacing all internal components including: aluminum front mass, wafers, piezoelectrics, stud, and back mass.

Warranty: Our rebuilt converters carry a one year, one time replacement, limited warranty. Warranty replacements are subject to a $350.00 service fee. There is no warranty on converters used in applications where “metal to metal” contact occurs (such as inserting and cutting applications).

Boosters: Aluminum and titanium boosters are available in 1:1.0, 1:1.5, 1:2.0, 1:2.5, and custom gain ratios.

Refurbished Horns: Did you know that you can have your existing ultrasonic horns refurbished to like new condition? Industrial Ultrasonics will re-face and re-tune your existing ultrasonic horns back to OEM specifications for a fraction of the cost of new tooling.

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