Replaceable Tips: Standard replaceable tips are available flat faced or with spot welding, staking, and knurl patterns. We can also machine replaceable tips with custom details if your application requires it.
Ultrasonic Studs:

Standard steel and titanium studs are available for all brands of ultrasonic welders.

We also manufacture custom step studs that enable you to connect horns and boosters that have different thread patterns.

Mylar Washers:

Prevent damage to the mating surfaces of your horns and boosters by inserting a mylar washer between them. These are especially useful for companies who switch out their horns and boosters often.

Available in sizes for use with all common ultrasonic studs.

Spanner Wrenches: In order to save you money, we recommend that you purchase your spanner wrenches through industrial supply companies such as McMaster Carr or J&L Industrial.

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